Maria Hoyos: Officially Committed to University of Arkansas



The BGGA Alumni Maria Hoyos signed over the weekend her official commitment with the University of Arkansas to start her college golf career. Maria came to BGGA for two full years and worked by the guidance of Manuel Bermudez not only on her technical but also on the mental area of her game. Congratulations Maria!

Maria Vesga: Taking Baylor to the Win

Athletics Ð WomenÕs Golf Ð action shot Ð Cottonwood - 01/20/2016

Baylor Athletics Women’s Golf  action shot 


The BGGA Alumni Maria Vesga is currently an active player of Baylor Women’s Golf Team. Since the beginning of the season, Maria has helped Baylor reach the top of the charts and lead several tournaments. At the beginning of this week, Maria led the Las Vegas Collegiate Showdown tournament as an individual player with a first solid round of 66 (-6). Disputing the first place coming into the second round, and after some weather altercations, Maria shot 74 (+2) which led her to finish in 15th place for the tournament. Yet, her efforts and the commitment of the rest of the team took Baylor to win the tournament with a total score of 551 (-25). #GoBears



Where Are They Now? | Gaby Coello & Her College Experience




Gaby Coello is a recent 2016 BGGA Alumni. Originally from Venezuela, Gaby came to the United States with her parents a little over 6 years ago. Since she arrived to BGGA in Orlando, Florida, she worked with Manuel Bermudez who helped her through the process of college placement. Manuel and Gaby worked closely not only on her technique but also on the Mental and Physical part of her game, making her a better golfer, a better athlete and a better person. She is passionated, determined and committed to her dream of playing college golf. Today, Gaby is a college freshman at UGA’s golf team and she is enjoying every second of it. Changes are difficult, yet for her changes represent a learning experience and a challenge that will help her get to the next step of her life. Meet Gaby Coello and see where college life has taken her:


Q: Gaby how did you started playing?

Gaby: I was introduced to golf when I was six at a summer camp where we would have lessons from sports like tennis, swimming and soccer. When I got that first golf lesson during one of the weeks I was hooked, it also had a lot to do with the instructor who introduced me to it. I still keep in contact with him, I owe him a lot for teaching me the love for this game.


Q: You love golf, so what makes you feel passionate about it?

Gaby: I love the thrill of it when I am in a tournament and you feel the adrenaline in your body when you are playing good. I like how it helps you become more patient and accepting of things and as you grow older you learn from bad days.


Q: What are your goals?

Gaby: I want to be an all-American while in college as well as graduating with the degree I want which is Finance and International Business. I also want to play at a professional level after college.


Q: How do you like college so far?

Gaby: I really love it here. It has been better than what I expected it to be. It was challenging at the beginning but I have been getting used to it week by week.



gaby1          gaby3          gaby2



Q: UGA is great place to be a student-athlete, what do you love about being a college athlete?

Gaby: We’re spoiled, that’s the truth. I love having the availability to so many things to help you get better. They give you the opportunity to get better, so you just have to decide to take it. We get awesome gear, and work hard so I feel that as a reward we get all these privileges that make the college experience so much better.


Q: You said it was challenging at the beginning, what has been one of the biggest challenges about the new experience as a college student?

Gaby: I think the toughest thing I have faced in college is managing the time to do everything being a student-athlete demands. Time management is the key thing for student-athletes, you have to manage between 6:30am workouts, homework and tests and, practice and tournaments.


Q:  Do you feel BGGA prepare you for college?

Gaby: Yes, in so many ways. It helped me become an undependable golfer since I was able to learn how to practice by myself and fix things without constantly needing someone’s help. It taught me how to build relationships with other people and it also helped me become more focused on the goals I want for my future and how to achieve them.


Q: What would you like people to know about the experience at BGGA and how it helped you achieve your goal?

Gaby: I want them to know that it is worth it to go. BGGA helped me grow as a person as well as a golfer. The coaches are deeply committed to helping you become great but without being too dependent on them. I learned how to become a better player by facing challenges.


Q: Gaby, where do you want golf to take you?

Gaby: I want to play golf for a living and use it as my job. I want to travel the world playing tournaments and one day hope to be able to give back to my community.


Q: This is a simple question, what makes you smile?

Gaby: Mondays nights with my mentor for school, he is the best. Chocolate ice cream, cookies and of course… Golf!!


Q: Final question, what are you thankful for?

Gaby: I’m thankful for my family and to have health. I’m thankful for being able to play golf and study at UGA. I’m thankful for all the lessons I’ve learned from golf and the people I have met because of it and I’m thankful to be able to live in the United States.

BGGA La Loma at Par 7 Magazine



Par 7 magazine just published their first issue featuring BGGA La Loma with relevant information that varies from the Grand Opening and the philosophy of the academy, to the detail description of our Director of Golf and the opinion of one of our top students Ximena Gonzalez.


Check out the full issue!



Ximena Gonzalez Wins MJGA Junior Classic


This past weekend BGGA La Loma student Ximena Gonzalez won the 2016 MJGA Convocatoria Guadalajara Junior Classic in Guadalajara, Mexico. Shooting even par in bad weather under pouring rain, Ximena made her way to the first place to claim her 2nd tournament win of the year after finishing top 3 in 10 of her events of 2016.

The Grand Opening Arrived


SAN LUIS POTOSI (Sept. 8th, 2016). Bishops Gate Golf Academy, the fastest growing junior golf boarding program in the United States, has opened its first internationally based academy at La Loma in the State of San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

The facilities of La Loma Centro Deportivo and La Loma Golf Club combined with the high level of junior golf expertise and know-how of Bishops Gate create the ideal partnership. Mr. Lopez, owner and President of La Loma, searched for a leading junior golf program to bring to La Loma for a number of years.  “The timing was right and we could not be a happier to be partnering with such a prestigious and successful U.S. academy,” says Mr. Lopez.

Bishops Gate Golf Academy is renowned as a junior academy providing an exceptional golf training, character development and scholastic experience that gives its students an advantageous head start in their golf and academic careers, and better prepares them for life. The launch of the Academy is not just a positive factor for Mexico but for all of Latin America.  Students who have aspired to attend a U.S. golf academy and high school can now get the same quality training and student life experience without leaving the region.

“There is no comparable full time training environment in Latin America that is better equipped to prepare junior golfers for college,” says Director of Golf Manuel Bermudez. “From the challenging golf course that will push players to the limit, to the 16,000 square foot training range with state of the art coaching technology, this is the perfect environment to train for the next level.” Bermudez has extensive experience in junior golf development having grown up in Venezuela and competing as a junior, an amateur and a professional in the region before going on to learn from some of the top names in junior golf.

Student-athletes attend Heritage Arete Academy, where they achieve a U.S high school Diploma offered through a synchronous education experience in partnership with Heritage Academy in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Arête Heritage Academy provides a personalized educational program for middle and high school students in a stimulating, supportive learning environment.  For students pursuing outside professional training in athletics and the arts, this program provides the flexibility to support athletic success.

When asked about the motivation for expanding into Mexico, Andrew Summers, Managing Partner of Bishops Gate Golf Academy, commented, “The opportunity to bring our expertise to the world class offerings at La Loma is very exciting, and brings a unique program to the Latin American market. We are excited for the future of junior golf in Mexico.”